A drum and dance festival put on BY drummers and dancers!

Hawkfest started as a small gathering of friends who are dedicated to the joy and fun of dancing and drumming. Hawkfest has become a gathering where dancers and drummers, fire spinners and hoopers gather to share techniques, music, and to expand their knowledge. For the past several years, we have come together creating magickal and unforgettable experiences.

Hawkfest is a great opportunity for VENDORS! What a great lot of goodies for your shopping enjoyment! Instruments from around the world, hand-made arts and crafts, beautiful dancewear, all kinds of great treasures!

All workshops are drum, dance, hooping or fire spinning related. Two full days of phenomenal hands-on workshops, all included in one incredibly affordable price. When you go to festivals, do you find yourself having to choose which workshops you WON'T attend because so many overlap on the schedule? Well, that won't happen at Hawkfest! Every workshop is great, so to avoid having to be in two places at the same time we only schedule ONE workshop at a time. Not interested in attending one of the workshops? No problem that's a great time to spend with friends, swapping techniques, secrets, and being just plain silly!

Want to sit back, take a break from making music and dancing for a little while? Sounds reverberate from around the world, a fusion of international music styles that will astonish your heart, soul and mind.

So, in case you haven't figured it out yet, HAWKFEST IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT! Every night transports you into a place where you can dance, drum, spin, hoop, and celebrate until the sun rises. It is a time outside of time where we set aside egos and drum and dance finding the rhythmic ecstasy of our extraordinary lives.

The more advanced players will find this opportunity to speak' to one another with the voices of their drums. Not so experienced? This isn't a place where egos rule the circle all drummers play, learn from one another, and their voices are heard. The drummers honor the dancers and the listeners. This isn't a place where dancers come simply to perform, but a place of exchange of movement and rhythm. Dancers, fire spinners, and hoopers come to Hawkfest to experience not only their own heart and soul but the hearts and souls of everyone in the circle each other and the drummers. You will walk away from Hawkfest a better player, a better dancer, a better hooper, or a better fire spinner!