Rules and Regulations for HAWKFEST Partcipants

  1. All participants must sign a waiver, whether attending drum circle or camping overnight.
  2. All participants must police property before leaving premises. This includes removing personal belongings, trash, cigarette butts, etc.
  3. There is to be nothing put into the fire without prior permission from the drum circle coordinator or an owner of the property.
  4. There is to be absolutely no drug use on or around the property.
  5. No pets allowed! Service animals are always allowed. (Note: A service animal performs specific tasks directly related to their person's needs, NOT an "emotional support," "comfort," or "therapy" animal. If you are allowed to bring an animal in on the assumption that it is a service animal, and it is observed to be more of a pet or "comfort" animal, you will be asked to remove the animal from the site. Any service animals must have proof of all current vaccines from a vet, and must be well- behaved and under physical control at all times.
  6. Minors are to be under a parent's or guardian's supervision. The property owners and/or festival coordinators are not responsible in any way for content or happenings during festival.
  7. There will be no underage intoxication of any kind.
  8. Any areas that are roped/marked off are absolutely off limits to all participants and solely the property of the property owners.
  9. Any property damage will be charged to the participant/s that caused the damage.
  10. Rules are subject to change per event. Specifics will be discussed if the need arises.

These set of rules will be enforced. They were made to allow participants to have fun while maintaining the order and cleanliness of our property. If they are not followed we may be forced to ask a participant to leave the premises without any refunded monies.

We thank you for your participation. Have fun and be safe and responsible.