Hawkfest Tennessee

Featuring the awesome music of Mama Gina!

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August 11-14, 2016

$55.00/person age 15+ for whole event (14 and under are free).

Address, Map:
Cerren Ered, 101 Mathis Branch Rd, Cosby, Tennessee 37722

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About the Site:
Cerren Ered was originally founded in 1981 as the homeland and Coven-stead of The Children of the Dawn, a Wiccan Mystical group initiated in the late 60s. Soon after coming to the valley it became apparent that we had been led to a far more amazing place than we could possibly have anticipated.. and we were not the first to arrive. Shrouded in its deep woods lay a Portal, a Well of Seeing, a Well of Vision, a Gateway to worlds unimaginable! The Portal attracted to itself denizens from both sides of the Veil.. and we soon discovered ourselves to be the Gatekeepers.